The Concealable Entertainment Flask by Ink Whiskey is a flask from the past. 5 custom cartridges: Drunk Hunt, Bar Hop Bros, Legend of Drink, CastleVodka, and Metal Beer. Looks like then, drinks like now!

Attn: Shipping is delayed until after Tuesday.

In other news, come see us at NY Comic Con!

Looks like then,
drinks like now

Select from 5 custom titles...

The Collector's Pack

Hit the jackpot, save $15

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, swig! All flasks enabled!


Legend of Drink: Gold Edition

Legend of Zelda: Gold Edition

Convention Exclusive!

Journey to a Sacred Realm near you to get your mitts on this beauty. Check the events page for more info.

Press Play

The Internet loves the Entertainment Flask

After all, who’s going to question what looks like a perfectly legit copy of Super Mario Bros. in your back pocket? Everyone loved that game, who wouldn’t want to carry it around 24/7?