A hero's journey

International flight attendant by day, whiskey drinking retro gaming nerd by night

Design #1, #2, and #3

First off, my name is Matt Cornell, inventor of the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask and founder of Ink Whiskey LLC. I'm always inventing new products that I want for myself, and this one in particular was special to me. Its so fun, so nostalgic, and it surprises you twice; once with the parody label and again with being a hidden flask. As someone who was raised on these video games, I absolutely love the whole concept. Everyone who's come on board the Ink Whiskey team shares that same passion and we've had a blast making this project come to life.

Frankenstein prototype

Warning: A few games were harmed in the making of this product

It's been a long road and we've gone through many different designs, originally starting with a typical flask-style cap like this:

Then in the late stages of prototyping we made a zombie-version of what you see in the video. It was all hot-glued together and hack-sawed to bits.

I literally glued and melted two sides of a game cartridge together. It still didn't hold water, and was certainly not my finest work, but it got the Ink Whiskey team moving in the right direction. We wanted to make this flask a concealable flask instead of a flask that was just shaped differently. That's what was really important to us; we wanted our product to look and feel exactly like the game cartridges we grew up with, and then BAM SUPRISE! it holds your favorite real-life health potion. Amiright? Amiright?

Lo and behold, we finished with the beautiful prototype you see before you.

Version one

That darn cork

The hardest thing about creating a concealable flask was where to put the cap. I think everyone on the Ink Whiskey team could attest to that. Eventually my plastics engineer and I spent an evening at a bar designing flask caps on napkins until we came up with the minimalist design that we currently have.

This cap replaces the grip portion of the cartridge. It was the only place on the whole design that had natural shadows and indents that wouldn't be noticeable by change in design. It was the perfect location.

You'll notice that the actual plug portion is just slightly larger than the grip section of the cartridge. This was so we could have a larger spout for the flask, which then provides an easier pour for its contents. If you look hard, you can see the slight rounding at the base of the cap, but that's the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask's only give away. 

Early prototypes had a normal ABS plastic cap, but the final product has a softer derometer plastic material that gives enough PSI to make the top hole water tight so nobody has to worry about drips or spills. The counter-side to that is that we will have to enlarge the design of the cap so that the fit is tight and flush. 

All of that took the greater part of a year to finish and finalize. It was hard having everyone juggling normal jobs and school and STILL make time to apply their craft to this project.

Spiking everyone's childhood

Outside of being a nerdy little way to be sneaky, we've created some awesome alcohol-themed parody art labels of some popular classic video games that we all know and love.

Nerds getting nerdier: Production Specifics

For those of you who want to know more, Ink Whiskey raised funds through KickStarter for the production costs of the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask. What was encompassed in production costs is the A + B side mold of the flask, the mold for the cap, the horn for sonic welding the two sides together, and the sticker printing for each flask. In addition to that, we needed to pay for the assembly costs and shipping, as well as import and export fees.